Best Ho Scale Trainsets

Best HO scale train sets

Have you ever seen a train set at a show, hobby shop or a friend’s house? If you found it exciting, I bet what is in your mind is how neat it would be to have your railroad to operate. Developing a railroad empire and in the comfort of your home is relaxing. You could enlist help from family or best friends to create the whole thing and enjoy the operating session.

Model railroading remains among the most versatile hobby in the world. It incorporates several disciplines including digital command control, history, carpentry, civil and mechanical engineering, electrical wiring and circuitry, painting, using multiple types of material to create structure, terrain, and scenery among others. The train set essential becomes a jack of all trades as you work to materialize your dream.

There are many types of train sets. Like in any other products, some do better than others. Ho scale train sets are by far the most popular model trains in the world. Best HO scale train sets are big enough to offer a lot of details in the production yet small enough to find a home for their track. To be able to understand why best HO scale train sets are doing well, let have a look at their industrial competitors.

Best HO scale train sets competitors

G scale model trains

G scale or garden scale trains are some of the most massive model train productions. The G letter roots from the German word for big, gro. The scale for this train set is 1:22.5 but can range up to 1:29. G scale train sets are referred to as garden scale because most owners opt to place them outside due to their large size. The model train measure 8 inches tall and has a 45 mm gauge track. Their enormous size is one of the reasons why best HO scale train sets beat them in the market.

O scale model trains

These train sets are 1:48 and run on a 31.8 mm gauge track. O scale is considerably smaller than G scale set trains but still too large for many hobbyists who as a result opt for best HO scale train sets. Some years back, O scale model train was trendy, particularly with children explaining the reason why a majority of antique model trains are O scale set trains.

S scale train set

S scale model trains originated with the American Flyber brand, popular in the 50s. The size of these model is halfway between best HO scale train set and o scale seize. Their scale is 1:64, running on an 11.4 mm gauge track.

N scale model trains

N scale trains are still favorite thanks to their compact 1:160 scale and a 9 mm gauge track. All N scale locomotives are small, e.g., their height is like two pencils stuck on top of each other, and can fit in a complex track layout covering a small area. The N scale train set is therefore recommended to those who like to work with scenery along the rail track. However, unlike best HO scale train sets, N scale trains itself lack details.

Those are just but the major categories. Others include T scale train set which has been on the market since 2008 measuring 1:480, standard gauge and Z scale. From the above, we can deduct some factors that should dictate which type of model train you choose. Let’s have a quick look at these factors and how best HO scale train sets suffice.


Age is a factor to consider when buying a model train. Best HO scale train sets suit kids, but larger scale sets are better for elderly who struggle with vision and dexterity.


When taking spatial aspect, it not about the size of the train but the size of the rail layout. Best HO scale trains set will find home in tight apartments, unlike the larger models such as G scale. To be sure, check out the model train track plans and how it performs in modest spaces.


When buying a train set, work on a budget. Some potential buyers have a tighter budget than others. The correlation between scale and cost is not straightforward as assumed. There is both cheap and expensive best HO scale train set. The bigger question is, do you need different models and how many does it take to fill your layout size.


Regardless, it all comes down to what you enjoy most and what you want to do with the train set. Balancing these goals with the budget, space, and physical abilities might yield a compromise. Do you prefer ready-to-run models or building from scratch? Do you want a train model with lots of accessories, with multi-person operating sessions, have complicated switching challenges, big scenery, portable or a combination of all the above? Most of best HO scale train set will satisfy your needs.

Think about what you want from the model railroading hobby. Look at the scale that works best for you and start there. If your space, goals, budget and other factors change, you can always change the model and start a.gain


Best ho scale train sets

Model trains come in different scales. For beginners, deciding which scale suits them is a daunting task. Some train sets are better than others, but the best is one which meets your needs. ‘Half 0’ or Ho scale train set is the biggest selling train scale in the world measuring approximately 1:87 in size.

Ho scale train sets are widely available and with a variety of accessories, track, and scenery. Ho trains also range in regards to details. Some models are less detailed toys made primarily for operation while others are intricately detailed collectibles. While ho scale train sets are favorite, it’s possible to purchase this train set and get disappointed. Therefore, it’s wise to have a train sets 101 if you are to buy the best train scale for you.

Understanding scale train sets

Apart from ho scale train sets, there are many different options at your disposal. They include Z scale, N scale, TT scale, S scale, standard gauge, narrow gauge train models among others. To understand them, read up their proportion to prototype. Know the difference between scale and gauge. So as not to leave you in the darkness, scale in this context means the ration between the train model and the prototype (real-life size). For example, in ho scale train sets, we have a scale of 1: 87 where 1 inch on the train model equals 87 in real life.

Gauge, on the other hand, represents the distance between the inside edges of the railheads. These two terms ‘gauge’ and ‘scale’ are often used interchangeably in rail modeling. The scale and gauge in ho scale train set slightly vary from one region to another. For example, in Britain ho scale train sets are 1:76 with the rails spaced 16.5 mm apart while in Switzerland and some African countries the track gauge is 12 mm.

What’s on the train sets name?

Model trains have different decorations. Ho scale train sets have some of the eye-catching embellishments. Many modelers want a train they associate with from their youth, trains they see nearby or one that tickles their fancy. It is okay to buy based on looks and provided you research the prototype later. Under ho scale train set you will have a range of popular collectibles, from patriotic themes to holiday themes.

Train set Power

Majority of train sets come with a basic power pack. These engines provide enough power to propel one train and a few of its accessories. The power offers direction and the speed, but speed control is often less accurate. You will, however, find an exception in some ho scale trains sets. For example, Bachmann has introduced Ho scale train sets with Digital Command Control (DCC) which offer independent control on several locomotives with less of layout wiring. Such a better power supply provide a reliable operation for years and can also support larger layouts, unlike conventional control which runs one train at a time.

Type of the Track

Most Ho scale trains sets, N and 0-train sets have “integrated roadbed track,” a track raised molded plastic base. This track resembles ties and ballast on the real track. There are different names of the tracks based on the manufacturer. The latest type of track is well suited for amateurs. These tracks are more realistic track and elevated above the flooring to provide an additional locking mechanism for holding the rail sections together. However, in ho scale train sets, you will notice that the tracks are not universally compatible. This is unlike the conventional track pieces which were developed under National Model Railroad Association standards ensuring they work with each other. To avoid such a setback, you can opt to buy atlas ho scale train set which is designed with removable base allowing the user to convert the track and match it to conventional tracks easily.

Price of the scale train set

How much should you spend on a Ho scale train set? Train sets price range between $25 and $500. You do not have to dig your pocket deep to get a good train set. However, in the majority of cases, you get what you pay for. If you must, let the price match the quality of the train set. If you are a beginner, start with locomotives. The outer shell of any scale train set is a significant portion of the cost. When buying Ho scale trains set ask yourself these questions: is the set well painted? Does the model have extra details applied? Is the lettering crisp and sharp? It might be difficult to spot some of these factors through the packaging, but no skill is needed to see something well-built.

Still under price as a factor, you need to consider if the ho scale train set wheels are made of metal, the overall weight of the set and if it has other pack features discussed above. It is also imperative to buy the set from an authentic dealer. A hobby shop is probably the best place to purchase a Ho scale train set as it provides an opportunity to speak directly with a train set expert regarding the products at hand.

With the above train set tips, you should be able to buy a Ho scale train set without scratching your head or at least, help you narrow down to a train model that will meets all your needs.

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