HO Scale Train Engine Reviews

HO Scale Train Engine Reviews

On this page, I am going to share my love for HO Scale Train engines with you in an informative way. Hopefully, you leave this site with at least a little better understanding of the HO scale engine. Also with a better idea on where to get the best deals for these HO scale engines. The HO scale engine is the single most mesmerizing piece when it comes to HO scale train sets. I could stare at the detail these companies add when they make these real-life replicas.

I personally prefer the HO scale trains because I think they are the perfect mix of size, functionality, and detail. In my humble opinion, I think the N scale trains are just a little too small and I think the O gauge trains are just a tad too big. Like Goldie locks said, the ho scale trains “just right”. Well, she might not have said those words exactly but pretty close.

I have been building HO scale train engines for as long as I could remember. This hobby has helped me through some tuff times in life. The ability to escape reality even for just a few hours if very valuable in a busy world like we live in today. We all need that escape from life at some points in our life. And in my opinion, HO scale trains are a much better choice than some other escapism mechanism we have as humans.

HO Scale Train Engine #1 Bachmann Industries GP40 DCC Ready Locomotive CSX 

Sound Value Equipped Locomotive [HO Scale train Locomotive]

The official name for this on Amazon is the Bachmann Industries EMD GP40 DCC Ready Locomotive – CSX #4451 (Dark Future). What can I say, Amazon really likes those long names for items.

This CSX railroad is the train engine that runs by our house and in the neighborhood of north St Petersburg FL. Were we “The authors” grew up. So as you can imagine, I have a particular fascination with this HO scale engine.

I have had this exact Ho scale engine set up on my model train layout for years and years. At least until my entire model train layout was destroyed in order to rebuild the next big model train layout. Model railroads are a fascinating way to create new things, build skills in layout operation, and interact to pass time with friends and Family.

Many Railroads had the  GP40 as their main engine preferred in the hubs, yards and inner city runs. It was the workhorse for many rail operations and was the goto train engine for so many different jobs.

Popular to model train enthusiasts this model train is by far one of the most common locomotives on model railroads all over the United States and around the world. Train photographers and model train manufacturers alike view this as one of their favorite HO Scale train engines.

HO Scale train engines are [fun to build] fun to run, and fun to photograph too!

Get yourself on track and by this model train Locomotive today! If you already have one or several, then get another one! An outstanding detailed model at an affordable price. a great starter or an intricately detailed DCC model train locomotive equipped with onboard microprocessors and digital stereo sound and lighting.

Some of these model trains of today are actually digitally recorded live of real engines of the same make, model and year. It’s really fascinating how far model trains and railroads have advanced in the last twenty years.

Trains are the backbone of our country’s history and our economy. along with ships, plains and trucks as well.

Bottom Line On HO Scale Engine #1 Bachmann Industries GP40


HO Scale Train Engine #2

Union Pacific GE C44-9W#9632

 I love my HO Scale Union Pacific Locomotive

The HO scale train locomotive in this review is a truly beautiful work of art! Railroads All across the nation ordered many of these engines before its production halted in 2010 because of new emissions laws. It was replaced by the very similar model dubbed GE ES44DC. One of the best sellers to date, this model can belong to you almost instantly, just by clicking below!

This HO Scale Locomotive is very special to me. I Have a sentimental connection to this HO Scale engine. My Grandfather worked on this train. He was a young man and I wasn’t even thought of. HO Scale Locomotives is a favorite American pastime. This Is how I got into HO Scale trains, to begin with. This HO Scale Engine right here. Available in many different varieties and paint schemes, this HO Scale Locomotive Is My Favorite.

This HO scale locomotive is special. Built by Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), a Diesel-Locomotive manufacturer based in Illinois. this particular HO scale Locomotive is well sought after brand of model train enthusiasts. This Ho scale locomotive is available to order right now! simply click the link below to order this outstanding Union Pacific EMD GP40 HO scale locomotive today.

I Love Amazon! I get all my HO Scale Locomotives from that website. Amazon really has the best deals out there for HO Scale Trains, Train sets, HO Scale Engines, HO Scale buildings, HO Scale Engines and HO Scale Scenery. These HO scale items are all available on Amazon at amazing prices.

Buying this HO Scale Union Pacific Locomotive

Getting on the net and being able to buy HO Scale locomotives is a blessing as far as I’m concerned. Technology really has come a long way, not only with the Internet but also with HO SCale Engines! There are so many things to choose from in HO Scale Locomotives these days. DCC HO Scale engines in particular. Equipped with Microprocessors and stereo sound, not to mention the ability to operate more HO Scale engines at the same time going at all different speeds and directions making running these HO Scale engines some of the best and most fun to operate.  But for you to get this particular locomotive, you should click the link below.

Bottom Line On HO Scale Engine #2 Union Pacific

Get one now! Click on the picture, click on the link below to get this Union Pacific HO Scale Engine. It is a must-have! Kids and adults alike can enjoy this HO Scale Locomotive in any paint scheme or model by clicking any of our links to Amazon. But to purchase this particular locomotive click the link directly below. The bottom line on this  HO scale locomotive Aries it’s a fine model. So if you’re looking to buy someone you know or love a nice gift get this HO scale train engine today! They won’t be disappointed.

Did I mention that this is one of my favorite locomotives? Well, it is. Thanks for visiting HO scale Guru and be sure to click the link below to purchase this beautiful HO scale train engine!

HO Scale Train Engine #3 

Bachmann Industries EMD GP382 Soo Line

HO Scale Train Engine Bachmann Industries EMD GP38 2 

This is another one of my favorite HO Scale Locomotives. The fact that I have this very HO Scale Engine sitting on my layout right now… would show evidence of that! This HO Scale Locomotive is very detailed giving it an authentic view whether you are taking high definition pictures or viewing Your HO Scale engine from up close in person. HO scale is the best scale for HO Scale locomotive in my opinion.

I LOVE playing with my trains! It’s fun and HO Scale Engines is my favorite HO Scale Engines to play with! Ever since I was a little boy. I remember The first HO Scale layout I ever built and This Particular HO Scale Locomotive was on that layout. I always said to myself “I can’t wait to grow up because I am going to build the biggest nicest HO Scale model train layout ever.”

I’ll never forget this HO Scale Engine as long as I live. I miss this little HO Scale locomotive more than any other HO Scale Locomotive I’ve ever lost. I lost a lot of my HO Scale engines in a move once. That was how I lost this HO scale locomotive.

Bottom Line On HO Scale Train Engine #3 The GP38 2 HO Scale Locomotive


HO Scale train engine #4 –

Train Engine EMD E7

A photo of a ho scale train engine
HO Scale train engine

The HO scale train engine EMD E7 is known for its distinctive second light. This is called a Mars light, and it’s a very sought-after feature in model railroad design for HO scale train engines.

This particular HO scale train locomotive is available in any paint scheme you can think of. Even custom ones! This engine is very popular on many peoples HO scale train sets.

HO scale train engines are among the most popular models of all. You can get one of these HO scale train engines for a lower price without any of the accessories like stereo sound and onward microprocessors…
Or you can get this one for usually no more than $280.

Available in both A and B units, this HO scale locomotive would be a great addition to your HO scale train engine layout.

I personally like this HO scale train engine!

because of its additional headlight. On my digital model, it rotates just like the real thing. It’s an amber-colored oscillating light that makes this HO scale train locomotive easier to see.

Not to mention, some of the amazing sounds that come out of this HO scale train engine. If you happen to be an avid HO scale train locomotive Seeker this will surely be one HO scale train engine you want to add to your vast collection of HO scale train engines and HO scale train locomotives.

This particular HO scale train engine is dear to my heart as well.

This HO scale train locomotive is part of my collection too! I had this HO scale train locomotive when I was just a child and it was one of my favorites.
I like model HO scale train engines just as much as the next collector. If you are anything like me, someone who holds himself as an avid HO scale train locomotive collector then you will get this HO scale train engine right now!
Just click this link right here to Amazon.
This HO scale train locomotive is a must-have, and you can also click the picture at the top of this page of HO scale train locomotives or you can click the photo at the beginning of this article about HO scale train engines.
You can also purchase this HO scale train locomotive by clicking the link below which will take you straight to the page of HO scale train engines that interests you as they would interest me.

Bottom Line On HO Scale Train Engine #4 The EMD E7 HO Scale Locomotive

HO scale train engines and accessories are awesome!

Thank you for stopping by our HO scale train engines and accessories website
. We hope you enjoy the literature on these pages and we hope they help guide you to the place that you need to go to get your favorite model HO scale train engines, accessories like buildings cars, trucks, Rhodes, telephone poles and anything you can possibly think of.
This page focuses on HO scale train engines.Our website is dedicated to HO scale train engines and accessories. We love trains! We love model trains particularly. Ever since I was a child I played with HO scale trains.
Once again, we’d like to thank you for stopping by HO scale Guru to purchase your favorite HO scale train locomotives.

HO Scale Locomotive #5 

You Can Purchase this HO Scale train engine from Amazon!

A photo of ho scale train engines
GE ES44AC HO Scale Locomotive

This is the G es44ac HO scale train engine. This particular photo above is not a photograph of a model HO scale train engine it is, in fact, a real locomotive.

Massive in size, this particular HO scale train engine could haul over 100 cars all by itself but with the help of three the trains that this HO scale train engine could haul or miles long, it seems like to me.
I love the pool that this particular HO scale model train locomotive can endure. I also love running them in conjunction with one another.
This is called a con cyst in HO scale locomotive and HO scale train engines terminology.

Collecting model HO scale train engines is one of the America’s favorite things to do! And when it comes to collecting model HO scale train engines, I love to collect as many as I can for my ho model layout at home.

HO scale diesel locomotives are awesome! I like these types of HO scale locomotives more than I like HO scale steam locomotives.
As authentic and traditional is they look and believe me I’m a man of tradition.

when it comes to my HO scale model train layout.

But nothing pleases me more than watching my GE ES44AC HO scale train engine go down the track.
I want to give a review of this HO scale model train engine when I get the chance! And when I do you can be assured that I will most definitely put this on the top of my list of HO scale train engines to show a video which I will connect to YouTube for my audiences and followers to enjoy!
Available as many, as almost all HO scale train engines are…
This model HO scale train locomotive can be purchased with even a blank paint scheme. HO scale scenery and paint alike can be used with your HO scale train engine.

Bottom Line On HO Scale Train Engine #4 The EMD E7 HO Scale Locomotive



HO Scale Train Engine #6 Bachmann 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 

DCC Sound Equipped PERE MARQUETTE #1225 


a photo of a berkshire 2-8-4 locomotive

Berkshire 2-8-4 Locomotive

 If you are into steam HO scale locomotives this might be something worth looking at. This is the Bachmann 2-8-4 Berkshire steam HO Scale locomotive and tender.

This DCC sound value equipped HO scale locomotive is one fine model indeed. Avid collectors in Model Railroad hobbyist enjoy steam-powered locomotives and this HO scale steam powered engine would be a great gift for someone too.
Maybe you are looking to purchase this HO scale locomotive yourself… this particular model is available on Amazon, just click the link below. This is a fine product with good reviews. I like this particular HO scale engine because the Berkshire steam looks mean when it’s going down the tracks! You’ve got to get this locomotive today! Any model railroad Enthusiast would love to have this HO Scale Train Engine on their table, floor or on their sophisticated train layout. Just click the link after you read the bottom line.

Buy An HO Scale Steam-Powered 2-8-4

You can purchase this HO scale locomotive through our site and they have used and new models available as well and don’t forget, this product comes with free shipping.

HO scale DCC sound-equipped locomotives are my favorite kind of Engine and I am especially fascinated by the steam engine. The Berkshire 284 is one of my favorites! Good quality, high-end craftsmanship, and outstanding sound in stereo.

The onboard microprocessor in this HO scale train engine comes with stereo sound and Flawless capabilities. Especially when you’re using a consist. I like to run consists train layout. Sometimes up to Four locomotives in a row, facing front and back as well.

More On The HO Scale Steam-Powered 2-8-4

This particular HO scale locomotive Sports the fancy black Marquette railroad paint scheme displaying the number 1225.
But you can also purchase this locomotive with different paint schemes as well. What the pictures or follow the links to find the  HO scale Engine that you’re looking for.

I love to get HO scale train engines with no paint Scheme at all I like to make my own. There is have paint on my locomotives from every railroad including some of my own that I made up myself.

if I were alive back in the day when steam locomotives were running in on the tracks. I can only imagine the power in the awesomeness of watching this thing travel down the line.
Unfortunately, the closest I’ll ever come is seeing my model on my HO scale train layout. Hopefully, soon I’ll be posting some videos on this page of these locomotives on the tracks for you to enjoy.
HO scale Guru dot-com is an affiliate website through Amazon. We love to sell trains and we love to build trains. Also, we love to buy HO scale trains and HO scale train engines.
Utterly fascinated by HO scale train locomotives and everything to do with them. I love models! Soon we’ll be launching another page on buildings in after that we’ll be launching a page on HO scale train accessories of all types.

Bottom Line On HO Scale Locomotive #6

The bottom line on this HO scale train engine is you need to buy one! You can buy this model right here by clicking the link below. Help support small business and growth through affiliate websites like HO scale Guru. The only place you should be purchasing your HO scale trains HO scale train engines in accessories.

If you’re interested in purchasing this HO scale locomotive then click the link below! Whether you’re looking for a gift or a treat click the link below to purchase this HO scale train engine right now.

The Berkshire 112 is an excellent choice! This HO scale locomotive is a collector’s item and will last forever.


In conclusion

We hope that our affiliate website will guide you to the right place to buy HO scale train engines and accessories, and that place is Amazon.com. you can go to Amazon for all your model railroad needs. But we’re happy you took the time to stop here first! Thank you, we couldn’t be where we are today without you!

Just Another Thought on Ho scale train engines

Just like a real train, model locomotives need the power to operate. The train sets utilize a different type of power source to achieve motion. There is no universal solution, so you will be required to consider what you want to do with the model and weigh your options accordingly. Majority of beginners starts with pre-packaged train set which includes a power supply along with the train and track.

Ho scale train engines, O and N scale model railroad operate on a low voltage for a safety purpose. These power supplies are made to supply few amps of power to the locomotives. The demand for power, however, change with the weight of accessories and the length of the track layout. Let us start by looking where ho scale train engines source their power.


Also referred to as live steam, steam is a popular and a longstanding source of engine power in model trains. These steam engines are complex explaining why model train using this source of power are larger in scale. Buying a ho scale train engine means having to deal with high maintenance, provide fuel such as solid fuel tablets or methylated spirit to heat the water to steam.


This is a classic method of powering scale train sets commonly found on vintage and antique model trains. Some manufacturers produced slowing and stopping tracks for use with these train sets, allowing the train to stop at station shops. Such accessories are now rare to obtain, with clockwork train sets and its related accessories considered to be desirable collectibles.


Modern Ho scale train uses electricity as a source of power. They can also use rechargeable batteries, electrified rails or overhead lines to supply power to ho scale train engines. Ho scale trains utilizing this source of power are more comfortable to run and maintain since they use no fuel and have few moving parts. When using electricity to power ho scale train engines, you need to understand the difference electrical terms: volts, amps, and watts.


Volts determine the volume of power your ho scale train engines will receive. Different scales of train models run on different voltages. By varying the voltage, you can either increase or decrease the speed of the model train, just like the flow of water through a pipe.


Amp is the amount of power. The more amp you have, the more you can do with it. In our above analogy, if volt is the amount of water, the amp is the force.


Watt is the measure of combined volts and amps. Let’s say you have 8 volts and 10 amp power supply then Ho scale train engines power will be 80 watts.

DC/DCC/AC /Bluetooth

Ho scale train engines power falls into one of these categories. DC (Direct Current) works in the two-rail track system. One rail is negative, the other positive. These polarities are used to change the direction of ho scale train set.

DCC or the command control system is also available in an ho scale train set. The command system uses the alternating current power supply and controlled by impulses sent through the train rails.

The most recent control is in Bluetooth controlled trains. Some ho scale train uses remote control which sends an impulse to a receiver in the model train. Others are more advances allowing the user to use the Bluetooth feature to control the trains from a smartphone.

Extending your power

You can only test your supply by placing more load. It might be adding more lights, accessories or the length of the train. Chances are the packaging power is not going to keep ho scale train engines running over a full mile. To improve the distribution of the power over the tracks, use bus and feeder wires. That also goes to those who want to run more than one train at a time.

Power circuit protection

Like in all other electronic products, you need to ensure that your power supply complies with power regulation of your country. A built-in circuit is also a precautionary measure to prevent permanent damage to ho scale train set in case of a short circuit.

Electricity power supply is long-lasting if used within its limits. It possible for your Ho scale train engines to be still running five decades after purchase. To ensure that happens you need to replace any worn out cords and wires. Also, keep the power supplies in a place where they get ample air circulation to prevent overheating. If ho scale train engines fail or the power supply start to experience faults, it advisable not to repair it without expert assistance.

The new ho scale train engines power packs come in a variety. They can either be a single unit for one ho scale train set or may have control for two or more model trains. It’s best to separate power pack for each locomotive.