HO Scale Train Stations

Ho scale train stations

Every model railroad has scenery and building and almost always, a railway station where the train pulls up for passengers to get on and off. Train stations vary in size. It can be either a terminal station or a through station where local trains stop and express trains pass through without stopping. If you long to develop a Ho scale train stations, then you must be pondering on how to fine-tune your layout. Measurement and theme of the model train station are where you should start. From there, you can start thinking about how to fill in details.

Confused on how to materialize your Ho scale train stations? The process of making a model train station is tremendously enjoyable and not complex contrary to most people expectations. All it requires is ample research and some creativity. If you are new to making station for train models, here are some information that will help you a great deal.

Type of Ho scale train stations

A model train without a station makes no sense. In the real world, trains start and end their journey in stations. Models trains also need stations to make their start and end of their travels. There are three major types of stations.

Junction: This is a place where different rail tracks converge to form a single rail track or diverge away.

Terminus: A terminus station is a place where trains stop for a while then progress to their destinations.

Through stations: A passing through station is a type of station where local trains stop to load and offload then continue to their destination. Unlike a terminus, express trains do not stop in through station but pass through.

When making a railway station for multiple Ho scale train set you need to keep such difference in mind. Some of other aspects to include are:

There are Ho scale train stations constructed for use by particular type of train, either steam, diesel or electric. Also, consider if the station will be passengers only, good only or serve both goods and passengers.

Once you settle on which type or purpose of stations you want to depict in your model, the next step is to decide whether you want to buy a readymade Ho scale train stations or build your own. If you choose to make a Ho scale train stations at home, here are some ideas to help in the process.

Making Ho scale train stations from wood or Balsa

To make your own Ho scale train stations, you need to visit your local train model hobby supplies and buy paints, nails, hardboard, glue, and print-outs of brick designs. The first step is to build wood structure kits, straighten warps, assemble the walls, add interior and lighting, make windows and doors, ass new roofs and finally apply decors.

If you want to display stone structure, you can glue pebbles on the walls of the Ho scale train stations. However, you need to take caution not to use double layer of glue as the stones might become undone. Remember, building model station takes practice so your first projects might not look accurate like you had depicted.

Plastic Ho scale train stations

Plastic building kit is by far the most structure used to make Ho scale train stations on the market. These kits come in a wide range of difficulty levels, just like in architecture. From the process of painting to gluing, there is kit for everyone, some easy enough for beginners.

Other details to add alongside Ho scale train stations

Apart from the locomotives and train stations, having other buildings in your layout is imperative. Such features add a lot of depth of realism that you are trying to capture in your layout. Buildings kits you use should match the scene you are depicting. For example, if the train is in the countryside add a log cabin and if in the city, add skyscrapers.

In Ho scale train stations add people to depict its activity. When passing the countryside add some animals. You can buy models kits with groups of animals or people. Some of the ideas you can add in a Ho scale train stations include families seeing off their loved ones at the station, a boy finding his dog, people waiting to get on the train, people putting luggage on the train, etc.

No railroad model is complete without addition of stop lights, signs and intersections. Some of these minor details not only makes your Ho scale train stations look real but also make it a lot more interesting.

Add Ho scale train stations and other elements into your layout and witness it come to life. Such a detailed train model will not just be mesmerizing to you, but it will also captivate viewers of your railroad.

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